Your donation to this year’s Light Up the Hospital! campaign will allow us to purchase an ultrasound machine to perform Cardiac Ultrasounds.

A Cardiac Ultrasound, or echocardiogram, is a painless test which uses sound waves to provide detailed images of the valves, muscles and chambers of the heart to aid in diagnosis, treatment and follow up in patients with suspected or known heart disease.

Echocardiograms are one of the most widely used diagnostic tests in cardiology, and are essential to early diagnosis of cardiac issues.

There are currently approximately 95 echocardiograms performed every month at Kootenay Lake Hospital, and the wait list for this test is up to four months. The addition of another Cardiac Ultrasound machine will allow us to perform more than twice the number of echocardiograms, reducing the wait time for this essential test.

KLH’s Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Brandon Tuvel says, “Your generous donation will help patients in need of cardiac care to be assessed and diagnosed earlier, ultimately leading to the best possible outcomes.”

Thank you for your support and for making our local hospital shine brighter than ever this year!

Any funds raised in excess of our goal will be directed to the purchase of other priority medical equipment for Kootenay Lake Hospital.

The Mobile X-Ray Machine

Your father is involved in a serious car accident, and is brought to the emergency room unconscious.  The emergency room physician places a breathing tube and connects him to a ventilator, a machine that breathes for him.  The Mobile X-Ray Machine is called for to confirm the proper placement of the breathing tube…

The Mobile X-Ray Machine is essential to assess critically ill and trauma patients at their bedside, and can quickly and easily be moved to any location in the hospital, where the state of the art wireless technology provides an immediate, high resolution image in 3 seconds.  This advanced technology also provides high quality images of patients who are unable to remain still including infants, children and those suffering from trauma.

The size and design of the Mobile X-Ray Machine makes it safe to use in a crowded situation, such as a trauma, which may involve up to 10 medical personnel working on one patient.

Your donation will allow us to ensure that the most critically ill and seriously injured patients in our region have access to the state of the art equipment they need to diagnose and treat their conditions.  Thank you for your support!

Any funds raised in excess of our goal will be directed to the purchase of other priority medical equipment for Kootenay Lake Hospital.

KLH Foundation Director

Are you interested in making a difference in our community?

Would you enjoy contributing to a team that supports health care in our region?

Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation has an exciting volunteer opportunity for an enthusiastic and innovative community member to join our Board of Directors. We are looking for an individual to actively participate on our Events Committee and fundraising initiatives.

If you are creative, think outside the box and like to have fun, THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!

Please contact us for more information at or call 250-354-2334.

Legacy Golf Event

The Legacy Golf Event is tomorrow, June 15, at Granite Pointe Golf Club!

Registration starts at 10:00 – Shotgun start at noon