Breathe Easy at Kootenay Lake Hospital

Quality patient care requires the right tools for the job in any given situation, and your donation will help purchase a Transport Ventilator to help patients who are unable to breathe or are having trouble breathing on their own.

Kootenay Lake Hospital is located in one of the most remote regions of the BC Interior.  Weather and geographical challenges can make it difficult to transfer patients to other facilities.  The Transport Ventilator, which will be used for adult, pediatric and infant patients, will allow our frontline medical staff to manage airways and mechanical ventilation until a BC Ambulance HART transport team arrives to move the patient to a higher level of care.

Your donation to the Breath of Spring campaign will help your loved ones breathe easy this spring!  Thank you for your support.

Any funds raised in excess of our goal will be directed to the purchase of other priority medical equipment for Kootenay Lake Hospital.