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The Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation is governed by a group of dedicated volunteers whose purpose is to raise funds for the priority medical equipment needs of our community hospital. The Board of Directors consists of 12 directors who each serve a 3-year term.

Our directors bring to the Board a variety of backgrounds offering their unique skills and talents to ensure the Foundation’s success.

The Foundation Board is a working Board elected by its members. Directors and members serve on various committees such as the Events Committee, Golf Committee, Community Relations Committee, or the Finance Committee.

All directors and members contribute their time and effort without any payment or benefit other than the satisfaction of contributing to the community.

Recent news

Posted: March 5, 2020

At Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation
we have our eye on
supporting ophthalmology
services at Kootenay Lake Hospital

We are very pleased that Ophthalmologist Dr. Faye Pesenti will soon be supporting ophthalmology clinic services at Kootenay Lake Hospital by providing two days of clinic services per week, which will include ophthalmology assessments and care, right here in Nelson.

Dr. Pesenti and fellow Ophthalmologist Dr. Marius Scheepers will continue to perform cataract surgeries, as well as other ophthalmology services, at Kootenay Lake Hospital for all Kootenay Boundary patients

Your donation to Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation will help support the purchase of equipment to support the new ophthalmology clinic.

Your support will ensure 20/20 vision
in 2020 for Kootenay area patients!