Once again, the TB Vets Charitable Foundation has made a generous donation to Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation.  This recent donation was used to purchase a TCM5 Flex Monitor for the Maternity Ward at Kootenay Lake Hospital.

This device provides non-invasive, continuous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in newborns. Through the use of a skin sensor, the monitor will provide information that would only have been available by drawing blood, thereby reducing the number of times blood needs to be drawn on these newborns.

As Clinical Operations Manager Trina Larson explains: “We are excited to use the best technology available to support safer and more comfortable care for our littlest patients. Every drop of their precious blood matters to their recovery and transition to breathing in the ‘outside’ world. TB Vets’ generous donation enables us to carefully monitor wee ones who are receiving respiratory support such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or mechanical ventilation. The TCM-5 Flex’s real-time monitoring aids a faster response to changes in our patient’s condition and improves our workflow planning with our respiratory therapist and pediatricians, supporting the sustainability of their services in our community.”

TB Vets CEO, Kandys Merola says: “TB Vets is committed to honouring the deep rooted history of our Veterans by continuing to support Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation with much needed respiratory equipment.  The $20,000 donation for the purchase of a TCM5 Flex Monitor is the latest piece of equipment delivered to the hospital thanks to our generous donors, that will provide a meaningful solution for the community.”