Electronic Hug is a wonderful way to stay in touch with a loved one while he/she is in the hospital. Your message will brighten their day.

Simply fill out the form below and then click on the Send button. – E-mail will be checked at 10:00am every regular business day. We will treat your message confidentially and seal it in an envelope. It will then be hand delivered to the patients before 11:00 am by volunteers.

  • Email will be deleted once printed.
  • Any e-mail that is received after 10:00am will be delivered the next business day.
  • E-mail received during holidays (stat holidays, Easter Monday and Boxing day) will be delivered the next regular business day.
  • Messages received after the intended recipient has been discharged will not be delivered.
  • Please note that this system is set up only to receive e-mail. We cannot send outgoing replies or confirm that a patient is registered.