At Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation
we have our eye on
supporting ophthalmology
services at Kootenay Lake Hospital

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we want to thank you, our generous donors, for your many acts of recognition and support for the staff at Kootenay Lake Hospital over these last weeks.

As we begin the important process of moving forward, the Foundation is committed to continuing to support the many services offered at our hospital.   With this goal in mind, we are very pleased that Ophthalmologist Dr. Faye Pesenti will soon be supporting an outpatient ophthalmology clinic at Kootenay Lake Hospital, which will provide ophthalmology assessments and care, right here in Nelson.

Dr. Pesenti and fellow Ophthalmologist Dr. Marius Scheepers will continue to perform cataract surgeries, as well as other ophthalmology services, at Kootenay Lake Hospital for all Kootenay Boundary patients

Your donation to Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation will help facilitate the purchase of equipment to support this new ophthalmology clinic.

Your support will ensure 20/20 vision
in 2020 for Kootenay area patients!